Community-Engaged Signature Work in the Digital Ecosystem

July 13, 2017 § Leave a comment

Today, I led another session at AAC&U’s Institute for Integrative Learning and Signature Work.  Here are slides, a description, and references. See also my last post which gives instructions and links for the activity we did in that session: Activity: Community-Engaged Signature Work in the Digital Ecosystem

What skills, abilities, and habits of mind do today’s graduates need for their careers and to solve complex problems in a constantly changing, globally-connected world? How do we integrate liberal education and authentic learning experiences with our digitally-networked context? What does community-engagement look like in a virtual community? In this session participants will consider case-studies of technology-enhanced community-engaged learning drawn from Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities: Concepts, Models, and Experiments (co-edited by the session leader) with a focus on digital pedagogy keywords such as, Community, Digital-Divides, Fieldwork, Public, Race, and Social Justice. Participants will develop a curriculum that scaffolds self-directed digitally-augmented problem-solving from introductory to capstone level courses. Participants will explore innovative pedagogies, interrogate effective models for integrating authentic learning opportunities shaped by digital tools and resources at all levels, and work collaboratively to develop a toolkit and to-do list for encouraging this type of learning on their own campus.



Eddie Makuch. “Minecraft Passes 100 Million Registered Users, 14.3 Million Sales on PC.” GameSpot, February 26,2014.

Jenkins, Henry. Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century. John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Reports on Digital Media and Learning. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2009.

General Education Maps and Markers (GEMs):


Signature Work


Scaffolding the Digital Curriculum


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