Activity: Community-Engaged Signature Work in the Digital Ecosystem

July 13, 2017 § Leave a comment

Today, I’m leading a session at AAC&U’s Institute for Integrative Learning and Signature Work that highlights examples of community-engaged signature work many of which are drawn from Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities: Models, Concepts, and Experiments, especially the keywords,  Community, Digital Divides, Fieldwork, Online, Public, Race, and Social Justice.  This post gives directions for one of the breakout activities we’ll do in this session.

Evaluating Community-Engaged Signature Work

  1. For your assigned example, use the Integrative Learning VALUE Rubric to identify aspects of integrative learning:
    • Category
    • Level (Is this signature work at the capstone level? benchmark level?)
  2. Scaffold:
    • What comes before this? What skills do students need to develop?
    • What might come after this? What kind of work could build on this experience?
  3. Challenges & Strategies:
    • What challenges would you face on your campus in doing community-engaged signature work like this?
    • What strategies might help address those challenges?

Examples of Community-Engaged Signature Work

  1. Digital Media Capstone
  2. Race and the Digital and From Tweets to Streets (look at as a pair)
  3. Doing Feminist Theory through Digital Video
  4. Century America Project
  5. Immigrant Alexandria
  6. Going North
  7. Mapping Police Violence and Stop and Frisk Data
  8. White Violence/Black Resistance

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