MOOCs, Boutique Subjects, and Marginal Approaches

January 10, 2014 § Leave a comment

Today I’m part of panel #s399 at #mla14 on MOOCs, Boutique Subjects, and Marginal Approaches.  This roundtable addresses what happens to marginal approaches (e.g., feminist, queer, disability, racial) and boutique subjects (e.g., medieval studies) in the MOOC paradigm.

My slides are below with references further down:


Class Central,, a MOOC aggregator

Allen, I. Elaine and Jeff Seaman. Going the Distance: Online Education in the United States, 2011. The Sloan Consortium, November 2011. (source of chart defining various versions of online learning based on how much delivery is online vs. face-to-face)

Medieval Latin Summer 2013: The Gesta Francorum:

Google Plus community for the Gesta Francorum:

YouTube videos of Gesta Francorum course:


Davis, Rebecca Frost. “Networked Collaborative Course on Feminism and Technology.” Rebecca Frost Davis. Accessed April 6, 2013.

Other Models

Gold, Matthew K. “Hacking Together Egalitarian Educational Communities; Some Notes on the Looking for Whitman Project.” The Lapland Chronicles, May 28, 2010.

Gold, Matthew K. “Looking for Whitman: A Multi-Campus Experiment in Digital Pedagogy.” In Digital Humanities Pedagogy: Practices, Principles and Politics, edited by Brett Hirsch. Open Book Publishers, 2013.

Gold, Matthew, and Jim Groom. “Looking for Whitman: A Grand, Aggregated Experiment.” In Debates in the Digital Humanities, edited by Matthew K. Gold, 406–408. University of Minnesota Press, 2012.

Gold, Matthew. “Disrupting Institutional Barriers Through Digital Humanities Pedagogy.” Diversity & Democracy 15, no. 2 (2012).

Levine, Alan. “10 Ways You Can Be Part of Ds106 Without Any Cruddy MOOC Drop Out Feeling.” CogDogBlog. January 31, 2013.

Levine, Alan. “Ds106 Is Made of the Stuff the Web Is Made Of.” WCET Frontiers, February 13, 2013.


History Harvest:


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